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EC given the go ahead to compile the new Voter's register -Supreme Court Rules

A unanimous discussion ruled by the Supreme Court is that, the Electoral Commission of Ghana has power to compile a new register.

Private citizen Mark Takyi-Banson and the opposition NDC filed the case in court asking that it stops the EC from compiling the register or allow the use of the birth certificate and voter's ID card by perspective voters as proof of Citizenship.

Arguments and the EC has been that the Commission in it's legal arguments says that the existing voter register which was compiled in 2012 and revised since by limited exercise has been held by the apex court as not being reasonably credible.

Legal team for the Electoral Commission.

The Electoral Commission makes references to the cases of Abu Ramadan and Another v the Electoral Commission and another and Kwasi Danso Acheampong v the Electoral Commission and other.

It urges the two cases raised questions about the existing voter's register with one  holding that using the National Health insurance Card to get on the register was contrary to the law.

The Commission say, this means " the credibility of the register compiled pursuant to C.I. remains in doubt save the registrations done with the voter Identification cards before the coming into effect of C.I 72".

However, there have been some controversies whether or not to accept the already existing Voter's ID.

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