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Existing Voter ID unacceptable for new Voters' registration.

The Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC) will compile a new voter register without accepting the existing ID card.

Existing voter ID unacceptable for new voters' registration.

This was contained in the judgement delivered by the supreme court on Thursday, June 25.

"Utilisation of the old voter ID card and the Birth Certificates will undermine the credibility of the Register of voters and Imperil the rights to vote ,and should thus be disregarded by this supreme court "

There was confusion following the judgement as the plaintiff, the NDC, claimed that it's relief to stop the Electoral Commission from rejecting the existing voter ID cards has been granted.

The NDC's general secretary Johnson Asiedu Nketia told journalists at the forecourt of the supreme court that his party feels "vindicated" by the judgement.

The EC has thus been asked to compile the new register as per the Constitutional Instrument (CI) 126. 

The constitution has already conducted a pilot exercise of the registration and indicated it's "satisfaction" with it.

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