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P-Square's Peter Okoye: My wife,my daughter and I ,had Covid-19

Mr. Peter Okoye,the popular Nigerian Artist in his latest video declared that his wife, daughter and himself had tested positive for the deadly Coronavirus. 

P-Square's Peter Okoye: My wife, my daughter and I, had Covid-19 
Peter Okoye described the situation as being a hell for him and his family after he started to show symptoms of the Coronavirus for 3 weeks. 

He said, "I had Covid-19 for about 3 weeks and it happens to me that, during my zoom live video, I was in a room this time, instead of my usual location...". 

" I was imprisoned in my own house " he added. 

Use the link below to watch the video fully

In the video, he said "my wife did something very courageous" for reasons that his wife could not leave his daughter who had also contracted the virus and being isolated to be alone. 

According to Peter Okoye, the reasons for which he made the video and made public his covid-19 status was for people to know that Covid-19 is real, and they should consider all the safety measures. 

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  1. His wife really did well. It takes a courageous woman to do that


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