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USA to focus on Skills over university degrees after Trump's Order

Application for USA federal government jobs will now be vetted based on their skills rather than if they have a relevant collage degree after President Donald Trump on Friday,signed an executive order directing his agencies to change their hiring practices. 

USA to focus on Skills over university degrees after Trump's Order

At a signing ceremony at the White House ,the President and other Administration Officials said,the order would create a more merit-based system and opportunities for Americans who had previously been excluded from the workforce. 

"The federal government will no longer be narrowly focused on where you went to school,but the skills and the talents that you bring to the job", Trump said during the signing which coincided with a meeting of his American Workforce Policy Advisory Board. 

The order will direct federal agencies to shift to skill-and-competency-based hiring rather than degree-based hiring which " excludes capable candidates and undermines labour market efficiencies ",the order read. 

Prez. Donald Trump praised his daughter ,Senior Advisor and Policy Board Co-chair Ivanka Trump for leading the charge on the hiring edict. 

" This will allow us to better recognise the talents and competencies of all Americans we hire",the first daughter said calling on the private sector to follow suit. 

With 2.1million civilian workers,the federal government is the largest employer in the USA and the order will open doors to the two-thirds of American adults who do not posses a college degree. 

College degree requirements won't be tossed completely,but skills in jobs where having a degree is less important will be stressed under the new order,which will be implemented by Michael Regas' Office. 

"Those without a degree are at a major disadvantage in the federal hiring process. While education credentials are critical in many lines of work,such as the medical and legal field, this is far less clear in other areas", Regas said. 

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  1. One thing Donald Trump did right..hahahaa

  2. If it's about skills they fresh graduates will be home? Anyway, USA is unlike Ghana.


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