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Voter's Registration: Requirements You Should Know

The Electoral Commission of Ghana has set today, Tuesday,June 30,2020 as the day to begin the compilation of the new Voters' register. The exercise is expected to end on Thursday, August 6,2020. 

Voter's Registration: Requirements You Should Know

According to the director of Electoral services at the Electoral Commission, Dr. Serebuor Quicoe ,these are some few important things every eligible Ghanaian must know to ensure a smooth registration of the new Voter ID card. 

1. The right spelling of your name. 

2. Your date of birth

3. Your current residential address 

4. Your parent's names. ie. Mother's and father's names. 

5. Your hometown

6. Your hometown's address. And the district of your hometown. 

Sample of the new Voter registration form

One should also note that
- You need a valid passport or Ghana card. In absence of any,you need to come along with two (2) Ghanaians who already have the new voter ID card to be witnesses for you to be registered. 

- An expired passport is unacceptable. 

- The old voter ID is unacceptable by law. 

- You ( registrant) must go to registration centres with a facemask on. 

- Your fingerprints will be taken. 

- Your ID card will be processed,and a hard copy will be given to you instantly. 

- Remember to sanitize your hands before leaving the centre. 

The background of the picture to be taken is blue. You are thus not required to wear any blue shirt to the centre for the registration. 

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  1. Some people are not acknowledging the social distancing thing no o .Me de3 mesuro koraa..


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