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10 Promises By John Mahama At The Outdooring Of His Running Mate

Former President and leader of the largest opposition party, John Mahama,outdoored his running mate for the 2020 general elections, Professor Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang,at the University of Professional Studies (UPSA) auditorium in Accra. 

In his address were clear statements of commitments to the people of Ghana which can be classified as promises. Below are bullet points of 10 of these promises in mo particular order. 

1. Enactment of Spousal Right Law : "We shall ensure female socio-economic empowerment, enact the Spousal Rights Law ,establish exclusive and secured shelters for abused women and children, and provide opportunities for all."

2. Free Primary Health Care : "As the fulcrum around which our Health policy will evolve ,we will before the end of 2021,introduce and begin the implementation of a Free Primary Health Care Plan. This will make the provision of primary health care to all Ghanaians, young and elderly, FREE."

3. Payment of Depositors Locked Up Funds : "I pledge on behalf of the NDC that we shall pay within on year all who have funds locked up with the collapsed financial institutions. Within one year,I promise! We shall not put up any long-term payment plans that will further worsen the living conditions of the victims."

4. Introduction of Financial Services Authority : "As has been introduced in other economies,the next NDC Administration will establish a Financial Service Authority that will be responsible for ensuring that consumer financial markets work for customer providers in the economy as a whole. "

5. Restore Indigenous Banking : "We will restore Ghanaian Indigenous Investment in the banking and financial sector through a tiered banking structure in order to restore viable credit sources for Ghanaian SMEs. We will make amends for those whose businesses were collapsed due to political victimization."

6. Ensure Independence of State Institutions : "We will reinforce the independence of state institutions such as the Electoral Commission, Auditor General's Department, EOCO and CHRAJ."

7. Realignment of Employments : "In pursuance of social justice,I will vigorously push through a constitutional review that creates a fairer and just emoluments system and removes the distributions between Article 71 Office-holders and other public sector employees."

8. Fight Corruption : "We will as part of an integrity for Development action plan,launch 'Operation Sting'. Operation Sting is an anti-corruption crusade,which under my watch will involve massive,far reaching, and practical governmental reforms. It will be ruthless against all corrupt political appointees and public sector workers."

9. Reduce Size of Government : "The elephantine-size government of 125 ministers we have been burdened with for four years will be reduced drastically. The saving made from emoluments of reduced number of ministers and the privileges they enjoy will be channelled towards paying Assembly Members to perform the function of collecting accurate births and deaths information in their various electoral areas. "

10. One Million Jobs In 4 Years : "Our plans include an aggressive job and entrepreneurial programme in the public and public and private sector; that will deliver a minimum of 250,000 jobs every year. A total of 1 million jobs across the country by the end of my term in office in 2024. We will put Ghanaians to work to earn in a decent living."

The purpose of these promises by the former President is to unflinchingly unseat Nana Akufo-Addo and the NPP government in the 2020 general elections. 

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