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NIA Introduces Homes And Corporate Services At Gh¢100 And Gh¢250

The Chief Executive Officer of the National Identification Authority, Ghana,Mr. Ken Attafuah in an interview on Tuesday,June 30,2020 on Joy FM,made it known that the National Identification Authority (NIA) has introduced two packages for individuals who were unable to register for the National ID Cards (Ghana Cards) during the nationwide mass registration exercise to do so at a fee. 

The two Packages, institutional and premium packages,which would be done at GH¢100 and GH¢250 respectively. 

According to him, the premium package,would be done at a facility opted by the individual, and the institutional package would be done at homes and offices. 

He said, the premium package would come with comforting facilities such as air-condition, hot tea,or in a serene environment. 

"Organizations can write to the NIA through the Executive Secretary for us to come and do institutional registration for them. That is at a fee of GH¢100 per person. You can also invite us to your home as long as the persons in your home are more than five. We can come and register at home ,also at a fee of GH¢100 per person. In terms of both the logistics and the distance we cover will also be picked up by the applicant ", he said. 

"There is also premium registration ,which is available. We set up a centre at Movenpick or Golden Tulip ,or wherever we can go and register at a fee of GH¢250. There are options ,but all that we can do at the mass registration centres are all free", he added. 

He further explained that the fees were approved by Parliament since the NIA registration was a public-private arrangement hence, there ought to be a mode of getting revenue support from the enterprise. 

Source : peacefmonline.com 

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  1. Hmm. This one koraa should have been free for Ghanaians...

  2. Some people couldn't do the registration because the time for the registration was very short


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