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UCC Students Express Displeasure In Going Back To Campus For Exams

The President of Ghana,Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo announced on Sunday,March 16,2020 that a ban is imposed on all public gatherings like conferences, funerals, festivals political rallies,Church services,as well as Schools. 

Ever since schools were closed down,the Authorities in the Various Universities together with the Students Representative Council (SRC) and the NUGS had made provision to reach students and continue studies even while they are still at home. 

This took place on various platforms like zoom,discord,moodle and the like. 

In Schools like University of Ghana, Legon,KNUST and a few, students were assessed and scored at the end of the program through online assignments and quizzes.

The University of Cape Coast started with uploading course contents for students to read but disregarded the video communication with students on the online platforms for those who are at poor network areas not to be disadvantaged. 

For the safety of students and lecturers, schools were closed down,but students expect to fully end the semester so that they can free their minds of any 'anticipated exams'.

The students of the University of Cape Coast feel the authorities have left them uninformed on  how their semester will end. 

Messages circulating on social media by an unknown author protest in favour of all the students of the noble institution for an "online exams."

In light of that,well-intentioned students of UCC have already registered their displeasure by suggesting "that the exams be taken online rather." They're therefore pleading with the Zaki led administration to communicate their plights to the University management. They are adding to the no-brainer as other schools have already assessed their students through virtual means. 

"We have come to the realization that,it is way too safe online than on campus. We hope you provide us with data,nonetheless if you don't, we will improvise ,for we know how to write online exams but we do not know how to bring back the dead. #OnlineExamsMatter."

Source : swearnews

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  1. Yh, this will be very helpful...
    for this disease outbreak has affected both our studies and health.
    It must be well considered by management.

  2. Are these not the same students who were protesting against the online lectures?
    Why are they calling for online exams?


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