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Wrapping Banku In Polythene Is Proportional To Smoking 136 Sticks Of Cigarette

A researcher of the University of Ghana Medical School is warning of dire consequences in the continuous use of plastic materials in food packaging. 

According to Dominic Gyamfi,plastic materials such as polythene bags,plastic bowls and take away packs contains harmful chemicals which is very dangerous to the health of consumers. 

The specialist who uncovered this on Adom FM said,the report depends in his optional examination in the course of the most recent three years. 

He unveiled that ," wrapping polythene with banku is proportional to smoking  136 sticks of cigarette. " Mr. Gyamfi noticed that infections like diabetes ,low sperm check,hypertension, are on the ascent in light of the fact that "a large portion of the nourishments available are dangerous and harmful."

"Scientifically, plastics will blur and the synthetic compounds will filter into the food we expend and this can cause blockages in to the veins,promoting cardiovascular infections, for example, hypertension, diabetes and stroke," he said. 

The synthetic, the specialist included lull the speed at which the blood streams into the heart and cerebrum making the individual presented to a wide range of constant sickness. 

Dominic Gyamfi kept up that, 80% of deaths in Ghana could have been maintained a strategic distance from if individuals are cautious about what they expend. Be that as it may,James Larbi,the Communications Director of the Food and Drugs Authority exposed a large portion of the cases by Mr. Gyamfi. 

He demanded that the statement had no logical proof ,however was fairly a result of work area research. Or maybe,Mr. Larbi encouraged Dominic Gyamfi to introduce his examination findings to the FDA to guarantee sanitation in Ghana. 

Source : adomonline.com

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  1. It's better to take a stick a day,than using this one.. Ei..hehehehe

  2. It's not clear whether the 136 sticks of cigarettes is for a day, a month or a year. Thanks

  3. FDA should follow up and let the public know the yrutr or otherwise

  4. Ceramics plates and bowls are best. Hopefully, this research should help us innovate safer means of preserving food.

  5. Then I'm a living dead body walking around cos for over 10 years I have being preserving my bank with plastic rubbers😩😩 .
    We need report from FDA cos this is very serious issue

  6. Eeiiii even now a days they boil the kenkey with the robber,we are finished ooo


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