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Shocking Photos : Meet 14-year-old Girl Who Has 6 Giant Pythons As Pets

All attention on social media has been drawn to the photo of  a 14-year-old Indonesian girl after flaunting her unusual pets on social media - six giant pythons that she loves to pet and cuddle in her videos. 

Most people would run for their life at the sight of a full-grown python,especially one that looks like it could swallow an adult human with ease,but Chalwa Ismah Kamal would take it roughly. 

The 14-year-old teenager, who reportedly hails from Purworejo,Central Java,shares her home with six giant pythons and appears to have no concern for her safety when she's around them. 

Photos and videos of the Indonesian girl playing, bathing, and cuddling with the giant reptiles have been going viral on TikTok and Instagram leaves viewers jaw dropping. 

Not much is known about Chalwa and how she came to live with six pythons,but she allegedly told an Indonesian website Lampung77 that she has been taking care of her pet snakes since she was only 4 and feels no fear whatsoever when she is around them. 

Although, people regularly express their concerns for Chalwa's safety in the thousands of comments she gets in her videos,the girl does her best to explain that her pets are not poisonous, that they are tame and that snakes in general are victims of negative stereotypes. 

It's not Chalwa who feels completely comfortable surrounded by massive pythons; her younger brother appears in some of the viral videos as well,and he looks just as carefree. 

Chalwa Ismah Kamal only started uploading snake videos to Instagram late last month,but judging by the response she has been getting in such a short time,she'll probably be doing it for a long time. 

To keep an eye on Chalawa and her extraordinary pets,follow her on Instagram and TikTok. 

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