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SUMMARY : Update No 17 On Ghana's Enhanced Response To Covid-19 Pandemic

The President of Ghana Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo ,was set to give the latest update on Ghana's enhanced response to the Coronavirus pandemic on Sunday, September 20 at 8:00pm.


1. The number of active cases three weeks ago was 1,847. As of Friday, September 18,the number of active cases has reduced to 507 with 20 critically ill and 297 deaths.

2. Currently, there are some Regions without active cases,while Greater Accra,Eastern,Ashanti, and Central Regions account for 80% of the active cases.

3. 16 out of 23 airlines that operated in Kotoka prior  to  its closure have commenced flights to and from Accra. A total of 10,061 tests passengers have been tested at Kotoka with 26 positive cases.  

4. Until December 14,the wearing of Face Masks remains mandatory ,which will be ensured by the law enforcement agencies. 

5. Training in all contact sports resumes. All sports people, who are camped are to be tested regularly. 

6. Ghana Premier League and the Division One Football League will restart on Friday,October 30,with a full regime of testing of players, technical and management staff. 

7. No spectators will be allowed at training centres. 

8. Seating at all stadia will be limited to 25% capacity to ensure distancing. Wearing of masks by spectators is mandatory. 

9. Private burials ,still with a maximum of 100 persons ,can continue to be performed. 

10. Boarders,by land and sea,will remain to be closed to human traffic until further notice. 

11. Beaches,pubs,cinemas,and nightclubs remain closed until further notice. 

12. All institutions that have been cleared to function are to continue to do so in strict adherence to the Covid-19 protocols. 

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