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We're Ready To Fight Politicians Who Always Throw Insults At Journalists - SADA President

The Renowned Acting President of the Sons and Daughters Association of Ghana (SADA-Gh) who also doubles as Eminent and Astute Political Journalist and Political Analyst ,Omanhene Nana Kofi Amankwaa,popularly known as KA NA WU ,has heavily descended on politicians,especially those of New Patriotic Party(NPP) and National Democratic Congress(NDC)  over how they use to assault and attack media Persons. 

According to Omanhene,"most party faithful and grassroot members of the various political parties attack and insult journalists anytime,they criticize their political parties and ask accountability on monies spent by the government or even false claims by the opposition. Journalists receive training to put the government on it's toes and inform public place but not just to sing the praises or hallelujah to the government in power or any opposition parties".

Omanhene indicated that the work of journalists are clearly spelt out by the Constitution of the country and if the work of journalists is not important like how  some people whose vision have been clouded by politicians see it,the media will not have been made the fourth estate. "Drafters of the constitution were wise enough to make us aware of the fact that if there is no intermediary between the people and government, the people will be cheated by the government, hence the role of the media in governance. We learnt from the whites that the media should demand accountability from the government who takes taxes from the people. 

He however said," Do you think if we are jot qualified we would have been sitting behind the microphone?  The most painful thing is that because some of us speak the local language on radio and television seems we are empty. If we should publish our CVs,you would have known that we are more qualified than some of your ministers.

Ghanaians who are seeking accountability and transparency are the same who have hired them to attack media. It will get to a point that no journalist will ask questions. They will just keep quiet and watch. The Kore you insult journalists,the Kore we will shit the hell up and bloody stop talking!"

Journalism is not a Crime!

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Filed by : Nana Obuor (Freelance Journalist)


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