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Breaking : Adwimpa FM Presenters Slap SADA President With Dirty Insults,Goes Viral

The President of the Sons And Daughters association has been lambasted with dirty insults in a viral audios.

This started when Omanhene Nana Kofi Amankwah Commented on a mistake by the MP for Tarkwa Constituency, Hon Joseph Breku,for saying "Psalm 500" which is undebatably wrong.

The Renowned media personnel stated that the MP should be very careful of whatever he says because could be a mentor to some people, and that Psalm only has 150 chapters,but not 500. 

This comment by Omanhene Nana Kofi Amankwah juiced up some radio presenters of Adwinpa FM which is located in Tarkwa constituency of the Western Region to throw heavy and dirty insults at him for making the necessary correction. 

A number of radio personnel took the nod to throw insults at Omanhene. 

To begin with, Nhyiraba Adwoa Boakyewaa,Adwinpa FM's newscaster was the first to shoot up the insults,describing Omanhene as "an ugly cocoon" and "villager". 

Cue : Comments made in 31 secs

Kofi Banafo also in Adwinpa FM also advised Omanhene to be talking about Agyapa deal,PDS,and many other relevant issues in Ghana and also reason well as human being.

Cue: Comments made in 1min 55 secs

However, a presented from Kingdom FM ,named MC Favour ,also condemned the immoral behaviour demonstrated by the Adwinpa FM presenters especially that of Adowa Boakyewaa. According to him,Omanhene was right to correct the MP ,and insults should not be the reward for a good work done. 

Cue : Comment made in 1min 58secs

Another person from Phila Radio in Accra, named Akosua Agyakomaah, also condemned the indecent act exhibited by the other presenters in the sister station. She however pleaded on behalf of the presenters of Adwinpa FM and also asked Adwoa and Banafo to be remorseful and ask for forgiveness from Omanhene. 

Cue : Comments made in 1min

The presenters of Adwinpa FM later on asked for forgiveness after they have discovered it was Omanhene Nana Kofi Amankwah, the Acting President of the Sons and Daughters Association,that he should forgive them for their wrong doing. According to them, they never knew he was the one "because the name and number seemed unknown" to them. This whole case happened on a WhatsApp platform. 

Omanhene took the opportunity to advise social media users to be careful of how they react to matters on their platforms because there might have been a great person who seem unknown. Hope is still high for Omanhene to forgive them. 

For more on this issue:

Contact Offender : Adwoa Boakyewaa -0541737151

                                 : Kofi Banofo - 0543961990

Victim : Omanhene Nana Kofi Amankwah - 0547786743

Filled by : Mohammed Abdul Haadi

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