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Shocking : Woman Rises From 'Death' At Effia Nkwanta Morgue

The family of a 40-year-old woman who was declared dead and sent to the Effie Nkwanta Regional Hospital Mortuary in Sekondi is still in extreme state of shock after their relative rose from death barely 12 hours after being deposited at the morgue. 

The patient, Ophilia Baah,a mother of four,was rushed to the Effie Nkwanta Regional Hospital from home on Thursday,November 12 in the evening, from diabetic complications. 

She was pronounced dead by the medical officer on duty soon upon arrival at the facility. 

Her remains were quickly conveyed to the hospital's morgue. 

Her husband,Robert Donkoh,tells host of Connect FM's  OMANBAPA morning show host,Nhyiraba Paa Kwesi Simpson,the family went home amidst weeping and wailing. 

The whole household was so sombre till Friday morning when they decided to visit the morgue to ensure she was embalmed. 

"When we got to the mortuary around 6:00am,we were told my wife had been sent to the casualty because she has come back to life," the husband explained. 

With shock,amazement and joy,the family rushed to the Casualty ward,and truly,Ophilia had been put on oxygen. 

According to the husband,the mortuary attendant on the duty told him,he(the attendant) was going to prepare some bodies for embalmment only to enter and see Ophilia sitting in the midst of the dead bodies. 

They quickly brought a stretcher to convey her back to the casualty ward. 

Ophilia,whom according to the husband, has been battling with diabetes for sometime,is currently receiving treatment. 

Source : 3news.com

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