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USA Election 2020 : Biden Defeats Trump To Becomes 46th US President

Citizens of The United States of America has chosen Joe Biden of the Democrat over Donald Trump of the Republican. 

Biden who turns 78 at the end of end of this month,will become the oldest President when he is inaugurated in January in the midst of the worst public health crisis in 100 years,the deepest economic slump since the 1930s and a national reckoning on racism and police brutality that is still unresolved. 

His election will end Trump's tumultuous hold on Washington and condemn the Republican, who has had a lifelong obsession with winning, to rye ranks of chief executives who lost after a single term. 

In a visit that now seems almost prophetic ,he had made a final trip to his childhood home in the city on election day after spending much of the campaign promising to prioritize the livelihoods of the many working-class voters whom Hillary Clinton lost to Trump in her 2016 bid. 

On the final days of the race,Biden's team rebounded their efforts to rebuild the Democrats "blue wall"- and that gambit paid off with Biden winning Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. 

In the later ours of the day,results from AP shows  74,872,687 electoral college votes for Joe Biden,,and 70,602,144 electoral college votes for Donald Trump. 

Joe Biden Becomes the 46th US President with Kamal Harris as vice President with a record as the first Black Woman elected as Vice President of the United States Of America. 

Source : CNN

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