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Recent Transfer Of Judges Was To Ensure Efficient Delivery Of Justice - Judiciary Service Clarifies

The Judicial Service has expressed concerns about publications in some section of the media imputing ill and improper motives to the Chief Justice’s recent exercise of administrative powers to reassign two High Court judges.

A statement signed by Justice Cynthia Pamela A. Addo, the Judicial Secretary on Thursday December 31 explained that the Chief Justice, by a letter dated 10th December, 2020 transferred Justice Charles A Wilson from High Court, Tamale where there are three (3) High Court Judges currently, to Bolgatanga which has two (2) High Court but only one Judge

Justice Wilson’s transfer, the statement added, was to take effect from 6th January 2021, when the Christmas vacation would have ended, and was directed to start work on 11th January 2021, until his release to return to Tamale which is his station.

“The Chief Justice exercised his administrative powers to transfer Justice Wilson to address a pressing administration challenges undermining the efficient delivery of justice in the Region.

“The Executive of the Ghana Bar Association is aware of this pressing administration challenge.

“It is therefore regrettable that the implementation of these measures intended to promote the smooth administration of justice has been misconstrued by some sections of the media.

“The Judicial Service wishes to assure the public of its commitment to uphold the law at all times in the discharge of its mandate,” the statement said.

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