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Summary :22nd Update On Measures Taken Against The Spread Of Covid-19

The President of Ghana,Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo was set to address Ghanaians on the measures taken against the spread of Covid-19 in the country, on Sunday,January 17,2021 at exactly 8:00pm. 

The President took the opportunity to thank God,as well as Ghanaians for choosing him to serve as the President of the Republic for the second time. 

Summary of Update #22

1. There is an upsurge in the number of active cases,from a little over 900 to 1,924 causing a full capacity of patients in the treatment centres. 

2. Ghana Health Service is recording an average of 200 new cases daily with number of patients at the Intensive care unit rising. 

3. Severe cases has increases fro 18 to 120 since last week, showing 33 new critical cases in the treatment centres. 

4. Surprisingly,persons who are severely ill are relatively youthful persons,with no previous underlying conditions. Number of deaths has increased from 338 to 352. 

5. Recent genomic sequencing undertaken by the scientists have established that some arriving passengers have tested positive for new variants of Covid-19. These passengers have been isolated. 

6. Investigation show that apart from arriving  passengers, infected persons have histories of attending social gatherings without adhering to the protocols,which led to then contracting the virus. 

7. The Inspector General of Police(IGP) is instructed to ensure the rigorous enforcement of the law on mask wearing at all public places and in public transport. 

8. IGP is to ensure the closure of night clubs,pubs,cinemas and beaches that may be operating in defiance of the law. 

9. Regulatory agencies will undertake random checks to ensure conformity with Covid-19 rules. 

10. Persons who break the Covid-19 laws will be severely punished. 

11. Lockdown awaits Ghanaians only if the number of Active cases continue to rise. 

12. Government is intensifying the strategies of enhancing tracing, testing and treating to allow identify infected persons,isolate them,and treat them. 

13. All laboratories,public, private,must supply,data on all persons tested on the common platform established by the Ghana Health Service. There will be sanctions against labs who fail to comply. 

14. Government is reactivating available treatment and isolation facilities across tgs country in anticipation of any further increase in infections. 

15. Steps have been taken,Head of institutions have undergone orientation for "Guidelines for School reopening during Covid-19" to ensure the safe opening of  schools for the Kg,primary, ,JHS,and SHS students across the country. 

The President stressed on the use of face masks and adherence to all the Covid-19 protocols with the hope that "this too shall pass". 

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