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Covid-19 Vaccination : Ministry Of Information Announces Roll Out Date For The Vaccine,Many Concerns Raised

A statement issued by the Minister -designate for Information says the vaccines will be deployed to health facilities from Tuesday, March 2.

But a social commentator Charles Minataba is alarmed with the alacrity at which government intends to roll out the vaccination.

“…today’s date is Tuesday, February 24 and to want roll out in a week’s time. How? At least I’ve not heard anywhere about talks of our scientists also running independent checks on how efficacious the vaccine is. How is it going to behave? What should you do? Who do you contact or where do you go in the event of any adverse reaction? These are legitimate questions that government must address before any talk of roll out,” he said.

According to him, already many Ghanaians are not enthused about the vaccine and therefore the need for “specific and targeted” education on the vaccine.

“Until that is done, I don’t see why government should roll out. It appears government is in a rush. In a rush to see what?” he asked.

Ghanaians are however advised to continue to comply with the safety protocols even after taking the vaccine. 

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