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Missing UCC Student : Please Report To The Nearest Police Station If You Have Come Across This Young Man [SEE PHOTOS]

Family and friends of a UCC student want their voice to be heard by the general public about their missing son and brother,Saani Mohammed, who has not been seen for more than 24 hours now. 

It has been a big shock to the Ghana Muslims Association of Ghana University of Cape Coast chapter that the young energetic and Jingoistic young man in the Islamic community was suddenly behaving in a frantic and louche way ever since his level 300 first semester begun. 

It still remains unknown the cause of his sudden change of attitude because he has always not been willing to open up to anyone at all,not even to his roommate or the Imam. 

According to sources, Mohammed Saani, who is assumed to be between the ages of 23 and 26,packed out of his hostel on Sunday very early on the morning without informing anyone where he is heading to. 

"He left the phone and luggage in the bus which was heading to Accra from Cape Coast,after he has dropped at Mankesim in the Central Region.

"He was not talking to anyone in the bus,he didn't tell us where he was going," a witness confirmed to Saani's  after she called to check where his son has reached. 

Saani's mother was the only person he told he was going home,no other person knew. 

Saani's mother has been disturbed for a moment now for not hearing from the son. She therefore pleads on the general public to report to the nearest Police station if anyone comes across him. 

Saani Mohammed is assumed to be between the ages of 23-26. He is fair in complexion. He is a bit tall and has small tribal marks on both cheeks. He can speak English, Twi,and Hausa. 

Saani Mohammed is one if the best Social Science students of the University of Cape Coast. 

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Source : Newsmastergh.blogspot.com

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