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UG-Amazon: Good News As UG Student Entrepreneurs Can Now Advertise, Buy, And Sell Their Products Online At A Free Cost


The UG-Amazon, a Free Social Digital Platform has come to help student entrepreneurs of the University of Ghana,Legon to get the chance to advertise and sell their products for other patrons to buy. 

Most students on Campus are known to have engaged in entrepreneurial activities such as selling and rendering services. These students find ways to advertise their products by any means possible. Some use social media as a source of advertising their products, others also hawk on campus to gain attention and recognition.

After several deliberations on how to make students feel at ease and end the hustle of advertising and selling their products via an online platform, an IT group came up with this revolutionized trading system UG-Amazon to help Students find customers online.

This is also targeted to help students and non-students have easy access to items online, add items to cart and purchase at another time, contact sellers, bargain, and purchase products.



1. Open the UG-Amazon platform or use https://www.nightmarket.live/ . 

2. From the Top Header, Click on “Register”. 

3. Click on your name from the top header and select “Post Item”.

4. Enter the price of the product. 

5. Select category number which is listed on the menu.

6. Click on add Product. 

7. From the menu, Click on Log Out to take you back to the mall. 

You only need to log into your account with the correct details anytime you want to post or edit anytime in your shop. 


1. Open the UG-Amazon platform. 

2. Scroll down and click “Start Shopping Here”.

3. Click on the item category you would want to purchase from, and scroll down to get the list of vendors’ products. 

4. Click to open the shop for your preferred item. 

Contact details of the seller and description of the product are provided just beneath the price of the product. 

The Live Marketing Chat at the top header provides a chance for student vendors and buyers to engage in an active trading session. 

Accessing and navigating the UG-Amazon  platform is entirely free of charge for all students. Students are thus warned of fraudsters who ask them to pay to be added to the platform. 

Students are entreated to contact business@nightmarket.live for more information about the UG-Amazon  platform. 

Cc: University of Ghana. 
       UG-Amazon Team. 

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