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UTAG-UG Still On Strike As Majority Vote Against UTAG NEC’s Decision To Suspend Strike


The University of Ghana chapter of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) has voted against the National Executive Council (NEC)‘s decision to return to class and suspend industrial strike action. 

In a referendum to decide whether to Accept or Reject the UATG NEC’s decision to suspend the industrial strike actions temporarily for two weeks, 127(17.6%) of the members voted to accept the decision by the NEC, however 596(82.4%) of the 723 members voted to reject the decision by the UTAG NEC. 

What this means is that, in the University of Ghana, Legon lecturers are still on strike and are not willing to suspend the strike action.

Meanwhile, students of the various Universities have been stranded on campuses,waiting for lecturers to resume from their 6 weeks industrial strike action. 

The National Executive Council of UTAG had agreed in a statement dated 22nd February,2022 to suspend the strike action in order to enter into negotiation with the government.

See Statement 

Source: NeWsMaStErGh

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